Seiko Tano

Education and Company
NIHON UNIVERSITY, Department of Art (Tokyo, Japan)

Seiko Tano was a member of the acclaimed Haiyuza Theatre Company in Japan until 2018. Tano made a strong debut in “The Brothers Karamazov” after coming to the attention of Koreya Senda, one of the most prominent directors in Japanese theater history, during her audition for the role of Liza in the play. “The Brothers Karamazov” became Senda’s posthumous work. Following that she continued to receive main roles. In 2001, her performance in “Twelfth Night” gained her a listing as Best Actor in Theater Guide.

Her first leading role in a movie was in Tokihisa Morikawa’s 1999 “Akasia no Mach: The Town of Acacia”, and that same year Kazuyoshi Yoshida’s “Washington Post March” received the Minister of Education’s Award.

In 2008, Tano starred in a one-man performance piece “Hanaichimonme” in New York. The performance received favorable reviews in New York’s drama magazines.

Tano’s success is not limited to just theater, movies and voiceovers, but her activities also expanded to direct short films. Films that she has directed have won various prizes at film festivals and one of her films won a prize at the most famous short film festival in Tokyo.



One woman show
“Hanaichimonme” as Suzu
in Bank Street Theatre (2008)

TOKYO, Japan


  • “Andromaque” as Creone (2018)
  • “Umi no Ohtotsu” as Yasuko Kayama (2017)
  • “Le Malade imaginaire” as Verrine (2017)
  • “Whose life is it anyway” as Mrs Boyle (2016)
  • “Hedda Gabler” as Hedda Tesman (2015)
  • “Ondine” as Isolde (2015)
  • “Anne og Green Gables” as Mrs Barry (2014)
  • “Shichinin no Hakatomo” as Kumiko Yoshino (2014)
  • “Unmei towa Kosei dearu” as Kumiko Kakehashi (2013)
  • “Mouse Trap” as Miss Casewell (2013)
  • “Sound of Music” as Elza (2012〜)
  • “Wakatte Tamaruka!” as Mitsue (2012)
  • “Yukinko” as Kinu and Tsugi (2011)
  • “Nine” as Dj.Kyoko (2009)
  • “Space terminal care” as Doctor Nakajima (2008)
  • “Constant Wife” as Martha (2008)
  • “The Taming of the Shrew” as Bianca (2006)
  • “The merchant of Venice” as Potia (2006)
  • “Kawaite soro” as Nonomiya (2004)
  • “Twelfth Night” as Viola (2003)
  • “Onnagoroshi abura jigoku” as Oyoshi (2002)
  • “Our Country’s Good” as Mary Blenheim (2000)
  • “The Ghost story of Yotsuya” as Oiwa (2000)
  • “Chidori” as Terumi (1999)
  • “Six degrees of Separation” as Elizabeth (1998)
  • “Mephisto” as Erika Bruckner (1997)
  • “Muraoka-Iheiji den” as Shioko (1996)
  • “Twins in Venice” as Beatrice (1996)
  • “Sophistry” as Debbie (1995)
  • “the Brothers Karamazov” as Liza (1995)


  • “The remodeling for Happiness” as Neko (2006)
  • “Washington Post March” as Chie (1999)
  • “the Town of Acacia” as Sachiko (1999)
  • “The eight people were thinking” as Aki (1993)

TV Drama

  • “Aibou” as Ayako (2012)/TV ASAHI
  • “Seigi no Shomei” as Ikue(2010)/TBS
  • “the Diary of Sosuke” (2003)/ TBS
  • “A faile charge” (2002)/ TBS
  • “Ukon Makoto no satujincyousyo” (2000)/ TBS
  • “Mito Komon” (1999)/ TBS
  • “The Lady is the Ditective” (1998)/ NHK
  • “The investigator, Yuko Komori” (1998)/ TBS
  • “Aizu Dandysm” (1997)/ NHK
  • “Mito Komon” (1997)/ TBS
  • “The balance of a goddess” (1996)/ TBS
  • “The Beetle Men” (1995)/ TV ASAHI
  • “The visitor in Winter” (1994)/ Fuji TV
  • “hagire keiji junjou ha” (1994)/ TV ASAHI
  • “My Daughter, For the rest of your life…”(1993) / TBS

Voice Over

  • “Scorpion” as Lucinda Walker (2017)/Super Drama! TV
  • “Unforgettable Ⅳ” as Lasa Hecsler (2016)/WOWOW
  • “Criminal Minds 10” as Jane (2015)/WOWOW
  • “X Company” as Adele (2015)/Mystery Channel
  • “Michael J Fox Show” as Susan Rodrigues Jones (2013-2014)/ Super Drama! TV
  • “Criminal Minds 9” as Sarsh (2015)/WOWOW
  • “Agatha Christie Miss Marple” as Lucky Dison (2013)/ Mystery Channel
  • “Desperate Housewives” as Lisa (2012)/NHK
  • “Good Wife” as Stephanie (2012)/NHK
  • “Human Target” as Burns (2011)/WowWow
  • “Boston Legal” as Marline (2010)/NHK
  • “The Reader” as Ilana Marher (2009)/ Movie
  • “NCIS” as Melissa (2009)/WowWow
  • “FBI” as Rachel (2008)/NHK
  • “Monk Ⅳ” as Marcy (2008)/NHK
  • “ROME” as Iocaste (2008)/ NHK
  • “FBI” as Kim (2007)/ NHK
  • “ER 12” as Olivia (2006)/ NHK
  • “Monk Ⅱ”as Marcy (2005)/ NHK
  • “ER 10” as Kathy (2004)/ NHK
  • “Freddy VS Jason” as Kia (2004)/ Movie
  • “Flida”as Cristina (2004)/ Movie
  • “The Grinch” as Cristine (2003)/ Movie
  • “ER Ⅸ” as Alison (2003)/ NHK
  • “Sabrina” as Roxi (2001-2003)/ NHK
  • “Providence” as Kathy (2002)/ NHK
  • “Due South” as Elaine (2001-2003)/ NHK
  • “Phoenix and Masic carpet” as Ranny (2001)/ NHK
  • “Dracurea” as Lucy (2001)/ NHK
  • “Lea Miserables” as Fantine (2001)/ NHK
  • “The diary of Anne” as Margot Frank (1995)/ Movie


  • “Color of Utsugumi” (2008)
    List of awards and nominations received
    • Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2010
    • Nasu Short Short Film Festival
    • Ozu Tateshina Kogen Film Festival
    • Fukaya Indies Film Festival
  • “Nori and Nanakamado”(2007)
    List of awards and nominations received
    • Ozu Tateshina Kogen Film festival / second prize
    • Akita Indies Film Festival / second prize
    • Nishi Tokyo Film festival / Audience Award
    • Fukui Film Festival / Special Recognition Award
    • Fukaya Indies Film Festival


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